3 misverstanden over de coronavaccins

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Since the emergence of the delta variant in our country, there have been many stories circulating about corona vaccines. They say that the vaccines are no longer effective enough against this variant and that many people think they no longer need to meet the crown standards once they have been fully vaccinated. Three misconceptions followed.

1. “Vaccines don’t work against the delta variant”.

With all the media coverage surrounding the more contagious delta variant, you may wonder if current vaccines still offer sufficient protection against this coronavirus mutation.

Although the delta variant passes through vaccines a little more easily, recent research has shown that Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca still work very well against the delta variant: in two shots with Pfizer/BioNTech 88% and with AstraZeneca 67%. By way of comparison, for the alpha variant – which remains the most widespread in our country – the figures for full vaccination are 93% and 73%, respectively. Although the delta variant reduces the risk by a small percentage, it is still well protected against hospitalization and death from Covina-19. Moderna also protects well, although the NEJM believes it could be better investigated.

Janssen’s vaccine is the subject of further debate. In a new, small laboratory study with fewer than thirty participants, this vaccine was clearly shown to be less effective against the delta variant. Too little to say anything about the 750,000 Dutch people who received this single injection, according to immunologist Marjolein van Egmond in the Volkskrant. However, there remains strong evidence that the Janssen vaccine offers good protection against death and hospitalization. See also misunderstanding 3.

2. “I’ve been vaccinated, so I can do anything again”.

Another persistent misconception is that many people think that once they are fully vaccinated they no longer need to follow the crown rules. This is not wise, as even after you have had two vaccines (or one at Janssen), you can still catch and spread the virus. No corona vaccine protects 100% against coronavirus. RIVM recently reported that, of all people who tested positive in recent weeks, 9% were fully vaccinated and 14% were partially vaccinated. The majority, 77%, had not been vaccinated (yet).

Therefore, as long as the delta variant is circulating and not everyone has been fully vaccinated, we should stick to the crown rules for the time being. Therefore, the chance of getting (seriously) sick from covid-19 is much lower.

3. “Janssen and AstraZeneca are bad vaccines”.

Admittedly, the vector vaccines of Janssen and AstraZeneca have not gained popularity. Causes: decreased protection rates and discontinuation of the vaccine due to rare side effects. And yet it cannot be said that they are bad vaccines. They protect slightly less against covid-19 than the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines, but Janssen still has an average efficacy of 66% against the alpha and delta variants.

According to the EMA, like the other vaccines, it is even 90% protective against hospitalization due to covid-19. However, there is a possibility that a second injection may be requested, as this will make the vaccine more effective. AstraZeneca is, as described above, also a good and reliable vaccine, with about 67% against both variants. Especially since it also protects by 90% against hospitalization for covid-19.

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